Counsellor at Law licensed in Poland
- running his own Law Office in Poland,
- over thirty years of experience in Polish courts and and other institutions.
Please contact in Polish at:
tel. 708-752-1934

If necessary you will be represented by his Legal Office in Poland before any court in Poland and other administrative agencies in Poland. I will also represent you at the Polish Consulate in Chicago.

Specializes in difficult and complicated matters, also:
- in the selection, safe purchase and sale of land, business, or buildings for businesses,
- with the registration, organization, and start up of a business,
- in the legal collection of debt from a debtor through the court system.

- will conduct legal analysis and opinion for business in Poland
- will locate producers and buyer in Poland and prepare binding and safe contracts for import
- will investigate in Poland current and future contractors or partners
- will locate and prepare in Poland missing evidence for certain matters.

Services are provided across all of Poland
Please contact us in Polish. Professionalism and confidentiality assured.

My Locations:

7732 S. Normandy Ave,
Burbank, IL 60459, USA.
Tel. 708-752-1934,

During my absence in the U.S.,
please contact me in Poland:

34-400 Nowy Targ, os Witosa 2/11
(skr. pocztowa nr 81), Poland.
Tel. (0-11-48) 182-665-022,
kom. (0-11-48) 669-476-347,

Call me now!!!
Services available throughout Poland

Contact in Polish. Professionalism and privacy guaranteed.

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